The Department of Student Creativity and Cultural and Leisure Activities

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In 2013, the Department of Student Creativity and Cultural and Leisure Activities was founded at the VSU named after P. M. Masherov on the basis of the Student Art Club of the Office of Educational Work with the Youth. Today, the department is a cohesive team of qualified specialists who organize student leisure activities and the development of creativity.

The main purpose of the Department of Student Creativity and Cultural and Leisure Activities is the organization of work on aesthetic education of students in the educational system of the university, development of their awareness of the cultural values, support of amateur art, formation of artistic and intellectual abilities of future graduates.

The main tasks of the department:

  • Civil-patriotic, aesthetic, moral education through the prism of creativity;
  • Association of creative forces of students;
  • Organization of festival events at the university;
  • Participation in city, regional, national festivals, concerts, competitions and holidays;
  • Formation and development of students' needs for organized leisure;
  • Collecting data on students’ interests and provide an individual approach to organizing their leisure;
  • Creating conditions for amateur artistic creativity;
  • Organization of methodical work aimed at improving the organization of leisure, improving creative abilities of students;
  • Support and promotion of socially significant initiatives and youth movements.

In the 2017-2018 academic year, the department organized ninety two activities, fifty eight of which were university-wide. The creative groups, associations of interests and students conducted and participated in eleven cities and nine regional events, took part in eight republicans and 6 international festivals, concerts and competitions.

In their free time the students of VSU can demonstrate the talents joining following teams:

  1. Dance Group "Be.In.Sane" (Artistic Director A.S. Bortnik);
  2. Dance Group "Contrast" (Artistic Director Y.V. Tsyvis);
  3. Theater Studio "Bukleron" (Artistic Director T.G. Kiseleva);
  4. Studio Pop Song "Chance" (Director E.A. Kushchyna);
  5. Student League of Intellectual Teams (Director A.V. Markov);
  6. Student League of KVN Teams (Director D.I. Belyakov);
  7. School of Defile (Director A.V. Razumova);
  8. Leading School (Director I.V. Turkov).

Moreover, the students of VSU and their lecturers created twelve performing teams. All in almost five hundred twenty four students and teachers took part in leisure events.

Throughout the year, student’s life is filled with bright emotions and new impressions which are a fertile soil for creativity to grow.

We invite you to – become part of our creative family!

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Head of Department
Olga (Aleksandrovna) Khanis
Phone: +375 (29) 895 43 06

Director, Teacher of Additional Education
Tatyana (Georgievna) Kutenko

Additional education teacher
Alexander (Vladimirovich) Markov

Additional education teacher
Anastasia (Mikhailovna) Gulidova

Additional education teacher
Olga (Dmitrievna) Zyazyulya

Additional education teacher
Anastasia (Sergeevna) Bortnik

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