The beginning of the 2020 Academic Year celebrated the merger between the History and Philology Faculties to evolve into a new Faculty of Humanities and Language Communication with great potential. It offers a wide range of academic as well as extracurricular activities to choose from, such as social and recreational activities, sports events and a whole lot more.

At present, the Faculty of Humanities and Language Communication comprises 7 departments, employs 97 lecturers, 43 of them hold PhD degrees and 10 are habilitated doctors. Around 1,015 students currently studying here, 449 overseas students inclusive, are engaged into studies.

The Faculty houses innovative research centers, namely:

  • The Center for Chinese Language and Literature Center;
  • The Rene Descartes Center for French Language and Culture;
  • The Center for Slavic Languages and Cultures;
  • The Center for Language Education Studies;
  • The Scientific and Research Center “Vitebsk Region Heritage”.

All these research centers and labs provided by the Faculty intend to develop and apply teaching techniques in various fields of Humanities as well as facilitate and enhance learners’ public speaking skills. The Faculty always invites collaboration with industries, companies, museums and other education institutions, i.e. schools and kindergartens, which enables students to acquire hands-on knowledge and on-job training experience. Through active participation, students develop and implement their innovative socially oriented projects. Case in point, within such projects students arrange city tours to promote interest in the history as well as improve speaking skills; delve into origins and history of words through comprehensive etymological research, enlighten people on famous men of letter and their literary works. Also, the would-be teachers give classes on the Belarusian language to children in kindergartens, encourage and do their best to preserve the historical and cultural heritage.

The Faculty of Humanities and Language Communication invites to join:

  • The students research club “Kraeved” (led by prof. A.N. Dulov, Head of History and Cultural Heritage Department);
  • The research laboratory “Creative Writing: Theory and Practice” (led by prof. E.V. Kriklivets, Head of Literature Department);
  • The discussion club “KONTRAVERZA” (led by A.B. Demidov).
  • The academic, research and production units “Ekslibris” (based on the Vitebsk Central Library System) and “Orthos” (based on the Vitebsk Orthodox Theological Seminary).


Full-time education
Russian Language and Literature. Foreign Language (English)
Russian Language and Literature. Foreign Language (Chinese)
Romance and Germanic Philology
Linguistics Provision of Cross-Cultural Communication
History and Social Sciences
Belarusian Philology (Literary and Editorial Activity)
Extramural education
Museum Studies. Historical and Cultural Heritage Protection
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