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The Faculty of Law today is a union of highly-qualified specialists whose work is aimed at practically-oriented learning combined with traditional and innovative educational techniques.


  • a courtroom;
  • a laboratory of legal information;
  • a forensic laboratory.

Special equipment:

  • a unified crime scene investigation kit;
  • a unified kit “Tract”;
  • a device “Regula” for authentication of documents;
  • a metal detector;
  • microscopes;
  • fingerprint cards, powders, etc.

The Faculty has made cooperative agreements with:

  • The Faculty of Law of Belorussian State University
  • Russian Law Academy (Moscow)
  • Modern University for the Humanities (Smolensk)
  • Institute of History and Law of Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Moldova (Kishinev)

The faculty is headed by a PhD in Juridical Sciences, Associate Professor Alexander Bochkov.


  • Chair of Law History and Theory;
  • Chair of Civil Law and Civil Procedure;
  • Chair of Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure;
  • Chair of Legal Support Centre and Economic Development;
  • Branch of Chair of Civill Law and Civil Procedure in the Economic court.

Preparation of specialists is carried out in the following qualifications :

  • «Legal Sciences» in the following specializations:

    • Judicial, procuratorial and investigative activities;
    • Commercial law.
  • «Economic Law» (qualification «Lawyer with the economy knowledge»

  • «International Law» (qualification «International lawyer with knowledge of foreign languages»).

Our alumni cam work as:

  • attorneys
  • prosecutors
  • judges
  • legal advisors at enterprises and organizations of various forms of ownership.


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