The International Office, the Faculty of Foreign Citizens Training and the Faculty of Pedagogy organized and held on 22.04.2021 a joint occupational guidance event “Welcome Day - 2021” for Chinese citizens in the form of an online conference.

3 educational establishments (ANSHAN NORMAL UNIVERSITY, HOHHOT PROFESSIONAL INSTITUTE, GUIZHOU NORMAL UNIVERSITY), more than 30 partner-organizations, as well as potential applicants took part in the “Welcome day - 2021”. The online conference was attended by over 300 people.

A welcome speech was given to the Vice-rector for Academic Affairs Bobrik M.Y. and the head of the International Office Sorotokina E.V.


During the event was shown the presentation “VITEBSK STATE UNIVERSITY NAMED AFTER P.M. MASHEROV AT THE MODERN STAGE OF DEVELOPMENT" that fully reflecting the educational and scientific potential of the university.


In order to familiarize potential applicants and educational establishments of the PRC with the Faculty of Pedagogy of Vitebsk State University named after P.M. Masherov, the head of the Department of Music Kartashev S.A. made a speech.


The third part of the event was opened by a music master class led by the Assistant Professor of the Department of Music Orup T.V. The interactive part was filled with a variety of vocal and choral exercises, clear pronunciation of tongue twisters and preparation of the vocal apparatus for singing.

At the end of the event, two pieces of music were performed in Belarusian and Chinese by students of the specialty “Musical art, rhythm and choreography” Zhao Linling (Laureate of the international contest “Скрыжаваннi. Miнск”) and Liu Chan. Students have been studying vocal for only a year, and already have significant achievements.

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The event was held in Russian and Chinese with the help of the Assistant Professor of the Department of World Languages Ma Long and the Assistant Professor of the Department of Russian as a foreign language Denisenko T.S.

We express our gratitude to all participants of “Welcome day - 2021” and hope that such events will become a good tradition and a reliable platform for further cooperation with our partners and applicants.


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